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Textiles Division

Textiles, Leather, Footwear and Accessories. ISO/IEC 17025

Chemical Testing
  • Chemical and Physical Testing
  • Inspection
  • Supplier Management Training

  • Equipment Calibration
  • Lab Audit and Certification Services
  • Technical Consultation

The Textile, Footwear, and Leather Division’s laboratories are run to the ISO 17025:2005 standard and are accredited by UKAS & CNAS. The division performs testing according to  numerous standards across the world for footwear, textiles, and garments. Weather, washing, and wear can affect the appearance, durability, and comfort of footwear and textiles. CTI measures the effects that everyday usage and cleaning can have upon them. CTI conducts qualitative and quantitative testing on the composition of products, offering information about the raw materials used in different fabrics as well as the manufacturing quality of textiles. Many substances are added to improve the appearance or performance of textiles and these may be absorbed through the skin, possibly affecting the health of consumers. Our labs aim to measure consumer exposure to harmful chemical substances and determine in what quantities such substances are present in clothing. Footwear and textiles must abide by international safety standards that protect the environment from hazardous substances. CTI performs testing according to the Eco-Textile concept, which originated from OEKO-Tex Standard 100. In addition, China has imposed regulations that require textiles to be eco-friendly.

Supply Chain Management

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Fibre Identification

Apparel and textile products have a requirement for fibre identification for the types and percentage of fibre components.

Care Label

The care label can help customers understand a products, so our tests include:  colour fastness during washing, colour fastness during dry cleaning, resistance to chlorinated bleaching agents, dimensional stability, and appearance after washing and ironing.

Colour Fastness

Colour fastness is a basic requirement and will reflect on a product’s perceived quality. Not only does the fading of dyes affect the appearance, but also human skin can absorb dyes.

Colour fastness tests include the colour fastness when subjected to washing, water, perspiration, rubbing and light.

Flammability Testing

The safety of products may be considered in terms of a product’s flammability. In particular, the flammability of children’s products and sleepwear is of a great importance to a product’s sales.

Performance Testing

CTI conducts all the tests in house: colour fastness, dimensional stability, physical tests, chemical tests, etc. 

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