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Whatever your training requirement be it initial supplier selection, regulations, certification, management systems or ongoing inspection CTI have the ability to train your staff at your premises to efficiently perform thier duties.In many cases CTI are able to offer such training free of charge.

CTI work with customers to provide a one stop solution tailored to thier individual needs. An example of this could be that when CTI provide an inspection service that members of the customer's staff can be trained to do similar inspections themselves. The training courses are written specifically for an individual customer and delivered by one of our experts in the relevent field.

Some of the benefits of on-site training are:
1. The course content is developed to meet your specific needs
2. Protection of company privacy
3. Workers remain on site in case of an emergency
4. Saves time and travel costs
5. Instructors can discuss your specific equipment
6. Problems can be openly discussed
7. Flexible scheduling
8. Increased price savings as the groups get larger
9. Promote teamwork & camaraderie among workers
10. More comfortable learning environment

The intention of providing such training free of charge is to foster a symbiotic relationship between both organisations leading to long term benefits for both. By working closely with customers CTI can ensure that they succeed, we see this partnership benefitting both organisatons.

Using CTI as a business partner will have measureable benefits in terms of the overall cost of getting a product to market, it will also have less tangible benefits such as benefiting from the reduced duration of any project and also a reduction in the amount man hours required by an organisation to achieve desired goals.

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