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CTI Centre Testing International have over 6000 employees and in excess of 40 locations. CTI is Expert in all global regulatory requirements. Having multiple locations conveniently situated throughout China CTI is ideally placed for any company wanting to produce products in China for sale elsewhere or to sell their products on the Chinese market. CTI is especially well placed to guide an organisation through the complex area of the Chinese National GB standards, CTI are the only non government owned testing facility for CCC certification as such CTI are unbiased, and have the skills and capability to get products onto the open market in China or elsewhere.

The standards in China like elsewhere in the world have been developed over in some cases many centuries not as a barrier to trade but in order to promote it by ensuring fairness using a clearly defined set of rules that allow the people or organisations involved to know exactly what is being offered.

The resulting standards cover most aspects of life and ensure that vendor and buyer alike have a benchmark to determine the basis for trade regardless of the product type on offer. The standards applicable will vary considerably depending on the type of product and whilst a product may comply with various international standards it cannot be assumed this will in itself mean that compliance with the required Chinese standards will be met.

Whilst some international standards have been adopted, some are still in the process of being looked at and incorporated into the Chinese regulatory system. This means that there are certain national standards that are unique to China.

As is the case with all regulations they can be very complex and working out which parts apply to a product and which do not could be mind bending. As experts not only about regulations pertaining to the Chinese market CTI are also expert in EU, US and Canadian product regulations amongst others, this makes them ideally placed to know exactly what testing will apply to a product and as a result what additional testing would be needed to allow any product already approved for a certain market to receive the CCC certification for sale in China.

This will inevitably mean that CTI are in an excellent position to fast-track a product through the approvals process saving both time and money in the process.

From the initial consultation stage about how to get started through to ongoing quality assurance and regulatory compliance CTI is ideally placed to assist in every phase of product realisation. Whether your organisation needs help with:

○ Standards and Regulations ○ Product Design ○ Supplier Selection ○ Raw Material Testing ○ Testing Methods ○ Approvals Testing ○ Certification ○ Factory Audits ○ Quality Inspection ○ Training ○ Safety ○ Full Quality Control ○ Advice

CTI should be your partner of choice.

For those areas where an organisation does not wish to carry out the work themselves CTI is able to take over and complete the task on their behalf in areas such as:

○ Raw Material Testing ○ Approvals Testing ○ Certification ○ Factory Audits ○ Quality Inspection ○ Training ○ Safety

With a wealth of experience in all areas CTI can negate the many pitfalls that could be encountered and get your product successfully into the China market. No other company can make the same claims in as many areas or provide the same levels of support as we can. Not only can CTI do the work but in many areas CTI exceed the requirements simply to complete the task in house and can even approve other organisations that test and approve products.

Specialising in areas such as:

BSCI Carbon Footprint CCC CE Marking Construction Product regulations CSR EMC regulations ISO standards LVD regulations Machinery regulations Noise regulations Pressure Equipment regulations Reach RoHS Radio Equipment regulations Toy regulations

Our credentials are impeccable and as a result we work alongside some of the biggest brands globally.

Whatever your requirements CTI stand ready to deliver a total solution or tailor our many services to meet your individual business needs all this is coupled with exceptional customer service and after-care.

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